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Meet attractive strangers in the video chat 🥰

Minichat is a new social network with integrated text and video chat to meet people and make friends with strangers.

Were you looking for a simpler way to meet new friends around the world? Minichat is here for you. Talking to random strangers and staying in touch with friends has become as easy as never before!

Learn 5 THINGS that make this video chat so 🔥😍👍

Minichat is a simple and fast video chat to meet people around the world
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Minichat is free ✌️

Minichat is FUN 😂

5 Best Things About Minichat

1. It's FREE ✌️

No paid features, no ads, no subscriptions... For real? Sure! Minichat is not about pay-to-play. Your conversation is not limited in time, either. That's what a free-by-default premium chat is!

2. It's FUN 😂

Tell jokes, show tricks, flirt, share stories, read poems, sing, or just listen to what your conversation partner wants to share with you. There are lots of things two people can do together in the cam chat.

3. It's SAFE 🤗

Minichat is a community of friendly and kind people. Thanks to a proactive moderation and reporting system, you can feel safe. Any inappropriate behavior, harassment, and intimidation will lead to banishment.

4. It's discreet 😎

You appear as a stranger to others in the video chat. If you sense the conversation isn't going anywhere — to say “bye” is just as easy as to say “hi.”

5. It's SOCIAL 🙌

Everyone in Minichat is looking for new friendships, thrilling conversations, and amusement. Among thousands of users, you will always find like-minded people to talk to and make friends.

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The Video Chat App That Rocks!

With Minichat app, you'll get all the best of text messaging, video chatting, and social networking features in just one small app! 🤘

Create profile and attract new followers
Find people by gender, age, location, and name
Talk to random strangers in the video chat
Send text messages to anyone you like
Browse a continuous stream of new faces
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phone with minichat app

Frequently asked questions

💠 How to use video chat?

🔵 Use the blue button to start the video chat or to switch to the next person; 🔴 Use the red button to stop and disconnect.

💠 On which devices can I chat?

You can use Minichat on an iPhone, iPad, any Android device, or in a web browser.

💠 What browsers does the web chat support?

For video chatting in a web browser, we recommend using Chrome.

💠 Will my Facebook account be visible to everyone after signing in?

Your Facebook account will never be visible to other users.

💠 Why do I need to sign in with Facebook at all?

This is one of the steps we take towards enhancing social networking features in Minichat.

💠 How many photos can I upload to my Minichat profile?

As many as you want, but each of them should have your face visible.

💠 Are there any guidelines for what is allowed and what is not?

There are, for sure. Please follow our rules closely to stay on the safe side.
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Thousands of Live Video Streams!

Anyone who wants to get acquainted and communicate can enjoy Minichat anytime without limits. Here, anything is possible: finding new friends, getting a date, or even falling in love with someone you just met!

Thousands of cool people streaming live right now in the video chat. You can join too — alone, with a friend, or even with a nice bunch of people hanging out together.

Give it a try and jump into the wild crowd!

Launch the chat!
Minichat is a huge community of friends streaming live day and night in the video chat